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Pink Laceup
I think this is by far my sexiest outfit. You just can't help but feel sexy when you put on a pair of fishnets. How would you like to see this waiting for you when you get home from work?
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Little Miss Naughty
This t-shirt fits me to...well, a tee! I really am little miss naughty! Don't believe me? Just watch me strip and show off my sexy little body. NOW do you believe me?
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Amateur Index
I gotta give props to the perverts over at Amateur Index. They've given me so much help getting my site running the right way. Thanks again guys! This set is a tribute to them, go check em out when you're done here!
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Bubbles & Strawberries
Mmmmmmm bath time with Kari! And who doesn't love strawberries, naked girls, and bubble baths! Those are 3 of my favorite things! In this one we get soaking wet and squeaky clean, but not necessarily in that order ;)